About the Owner

I was told that at a very young age I was playing in my dolls hair. I’d sit and mimic my mama who also does hair. When I was about 7 or 8 years young I remember playing in my sister hair& I proceeded to cut her hair like I saw my mom cut her clients hair. When my sister saw her hair hit the floor she started screaming and ran to tell my mom. I was sooo scared of the butt whopping I was sure to get, but I also felt proud. LOL, even then I wasn’t sure that I’d one day be the stylist that I am now. Soon after that I started going to the shop with my mom to help with her clients. I’d shampoo and condition their hair& she’d also let me twist their hair. I started becoming mad that I had to spend my weekends at the shop with her & I swore I wasn’t going to be a hairstylist when I grew up. When I was 13 my mom was doing hair at home and she had so many clients sitting waiting so one of her clients asked if I could do her a quick weave, I told her to ask my mom and the rest was history. Every since that day I’ve been doing weaves, cutting ends, doing braids, sewing hair in, making wigs & whatever else I learned to do. I’ve always been the type to keep practicing until I perfect the style. I even pray silently and ask God to touch my hands before each and every client. GOD’sTouch was just thrown out there one day after I slayed one of my clients. So I eventually ran with it and googled to see if anyone else was using it. No one else used it, so I made it my own& I truly believe God gave it to me. Over the years as my relationship grew with God, he began to speak through me to certain clients. Most would cry and be touched bc they knew it could only be God using me to deliver the message. That’s when it hit me that God gave me the name GOD’sTouch to go along with the gifts he’s blessed me with. I also realized that it was just a physical “Touch” but spiritual as well. Over the years I’ve grew an interest in makeup and apparel that’s when “BEAUTIQUE” was given to me. Now we go by. “GOD’sTouch Beautique” be on the lookout for us. I am growing & building my small business brick by brick, it’s gonna take me a little longer bc I’m doing this with God’s direction & his perfect timing.

GOD’sTouch Beautique is your one stop shop for hair, makeup, beauty & apparel. The place to come get TOUCHED, not just physically but spiritually.